Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Clive's Ink screenshot

We'll write about Ink in the future. It's the Clive UIMS, written in Go (as all other Clive apps) and using a viewer in HTML5/javascript so the browser is the terminal device.

IX is the Clive shell (a descendant of Acme, Omero, and O/live) and, using Ink,
it can do nice things, eg., click 3 on ",~*.go" and it finds and loads all Go files under ".".
The "command language" is actually a set of external commands, thanks to using named channels as the standard I/O mechanism. A new "ink" standard output channel is along "in", "out", and "err", and let's commands output their user interfaces.
All Ink controls can be replicated in one or more web pages, which is also nice.

This is a screenshot of our development version of IX with a few commands running.

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